We focus on protecting and growing our clients’ wealth. We are not distracted by conflicting interests or competing motives. We are not bankers, brokers, or underwriters. Our focus is solely on managing our clients’ wealth and providing exceptional personal service.


We accept the Fiduciary Standard of Care with all our clients. This means we not only have an ethical duty but also a legal obligation to act in our clients’ best interest. As members of the CFA Institute, we adhere to the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Alternative Investments

We believe portfolios should be broadly diversified across all asset classes. Alternative Investments, including MLP’s, Commodities, Real Estate, and other Alternative strategies have historically been less correlated to Stocks and Bonds. Adding exposure to Alternative Investments can help reduce portfolio volatility and enhance risk adjusted returns.


We are privately held and employee owned. This means we are not devoted to shareholders or outside investors. We have no pressure to sell branded products or increase revenues at the expense of client service. Our clients always come first.


We are dedicated to our clients’ success. To align our interests, we invest OUR OWN wealth right alongside our clients’ wealth. We practice what we preach. We eat our own cooking. We succeed when our clients succeed.

How We Work

Ensure Capital provides competent, objective, and independent investment management services to individuals, families, corporations, trusts, estates, pension and profit sharing plans. We act as your Chief Investment Officer, handling all your investment needs and providing exceptional personal service.

  • Accounts are maintained in the client’s name at an independent third-party custodian. We do not accept custody of any client assets at any time.
  • Ensure Capital recommends that clients use E-Trade, or National Advisors Trust as third-party custodians. We do not receive any referral fees for recommending either of these firms.
  • If you do not have a relationship with one of the recommended custodians, we will assist you in establishing the relationship, opening the appropriate accounts, and transferring assets from your existing custodian.
  • Clients authorize the third-party custodian to accept trading instructions from Ensure Capital. This is accomplished by executing a Limited Power of Attorney or Limited Trading Authorization. We will assist you in completing the appropriate forms.
  • During the engagement, Ensure Capital will manage the assets in your accounts. You will receive independent confirmation of all transactions from the custodian. You will receive monthly statements from the custodian. And you will have the ability to see what is in your account at any time by accessing the custodian’s web site. Oaktree Capital cannot take anything out of any of your accounts except the quarterly investment management fee.
  • The custodian earns a modest fee for their custodial services. We do not receive any portion of the custodial fee.
  • Clients can exit the engagement at any time by writing to Ensure Capital or by writing to the third-party custodian.