Effective retirement plans are tremendous opportunities for business owners and employees. A qualified retirement plan is an excellent tool to attract and retain employees and executives at all levels of an organization. What’s more they still rank among the best of tax shelters, with potential for providing lasting growth and multiple benefits to both the business owner and employees.

At Ensure Capital we strive to deliver the best value added service, on time and on target, to maintain loyal relationships based on trust, honor and integrity, and to always act in your best interest.

Third party Administrators

A qualified 401(K) involves both a fiduciary party –Ensure Capital and a third party administrator (TPA).  The TPA we partner with has over 30 years’ experience in the 401(k) business and over $1 billion under management.  We partner with one the best to provide our clients and ourselves an added level of comfort and safety.

 Custodian of Assets.

The trust fund that has actual custody of the accounts are all household names,  we can choose from Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade or Fidelity to name a few.

 Easy to Start, Convenient to Use

  • Quick online account opening and set-up that can be done in minutes. A designated consultant is always available to help you when you need it.
  • A secure online platform makes plan set-up and ongoing administration simple and convenient.
  • Converting an existing plan to is simple too – and help is available every step of the way.

Plan Features

  •  Invest in individual funds selected by Morningstar in Morningstar’s model investment portfolios that help take the guesswork out of fund selection.
  • Clear, understandable plan features to help your employees start investing in their future.
  • Online educational and instructional resources to help your employees get their retirement program started and help keep it on track.

Tax Benefits

  •  Opportunity for you and your employees to each contribute up to $18,000 pre-tax annually, over three times the limit compared to an IRA.  Add an employer matching contribution for a total contribution limit of $53,000.
  • Your business may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $500 for each of the first three years if this is your first 401(k) plan and you have 100 or fewer employees.
  • Contributions you make on behalf of your employees, including employer contributions, and administration fees, are generally deductible by your business.

Fees and Charges

  •  Plan set-up and ongoing monthly administration fees are paid by the business.
  • Asset-based fees and a small monthly recordkeeping fee are paid from participant accounts.
  • Compare what we offer to your existing 401(k) plan pricing – We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.
  • Need more details  jm@ensureusa.com  or   404-290-9982